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Bent On Food | Recipes


Some of these recipes are supplied by our many wonderful producers who like to give us great ideas on how to use their products, others are ones that we have put together for the café, with some adapted from our customer’s favourite recipes.When I was a young girl my grandmother taught me to cook, I still have her recipe book that is hand written by her, her right hand had been crushed in a car accident so sometimes it was a bit touch and go with the quantities. What I really loved about her recipe book was the way she used to write who she got the recipe from, many of hers were from Mrs Davis, a neighbour. It always made me think about how food should be shared and I also like to use recipes that are given to me from friends, relatives and customers. Somehow it makes them more special to prepare and to eat.

Cheers Donna

 There are printable versions of each recipe to download on each page.

Mandarin, Almond, & Chocolate (flourless) Cake


My Spicy Cajun Pumpkin Soup


My Smoked Sweet Paprika Chicken with Grapes and Kipfler Potatoes


Broccollini with Avocado and Lentils


Moroccan Lamb Shanks


Bent on Food Roasted Root Vegetable Salad


Bent on Food Flourless Chocolate Cake - gluten free


Donna's Mango Cheesecake


Spicy Oriental Beef Salad


Lemon Salmon Pasta


Wasabi and Chilli Marinated Tuna with Smoked Eggplant


Sweet Beef Curry


The Recipe With No Name


Osso Buco Milanese style


Thai Green Curry - Barry's recipe


Thai Green Chicken Curry