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Cafe restaurant, catering company with homewares store focusing on DIY

Bent on Food

Not just a cafe but a destination


Bent on Food is a multi-award-winning contemporary café/specialty regional food store with an emphasis on local produce, delivered to guests in a friendly, timely fashion. The cafe is a popular hub for breakfast and lunch seven days a week. Bent on Food was developed as a permanent outlet for local producers on the Mid North Coast of NSW. The philosophy at the cafe is that local is always best, we love organic food but we are more interested in sustainability and we would prefer to use produce that is local and loved than to buy organic food that has travelled the shores to get here. We like to build relationships with our producers and learn about their farming practices.

Bent on Food is a destination, so much more than just a café and more than just a retail store. The café offers reputable coffee, local produce, friendly service. This Tourism accredited business is the most awarded café in the Mid Coast region with a consistent marketing message focusing on a range of experiences to suit a number of target markets.

The café menu promotes products available for sale in store, with an ever-changing chef’s selection board for innovative ways to create meals from the vast range of products available for sale. Bent on Food offers visitors a regional experience with a large variety of services ranging from local music nights, catering services and a hamper service delivered anywhere in Australia

Bent on food is owned by Donna Carrier, a local with 18 years in the wine industry, including an Associate Diploma in Wine Marketing from the renowned Roseworthy College. Donna’s interest in wine naturally combines with an interest in food and a strong desire to bring the region’s producers together in an outlet dedicated to regional produce.

Donna spent many years living in Sydney where she enjoyed sipping wonderful coffee at the many cafes that Sydney has to offer, moving home she found that there was need for an urban, sophisticated outlet that was in keeping with our city counterparts. Bent on Food is proud of its country style hospitality and love for its community. 

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