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Sweet Beef Curry

Sweet Beef Curry

This recipe is a very old one that has been spotted in some of the old fashioned recipe books, I learnt to make it at school but still love the sweet flavours.


2 onions finely chopped 
2 apples peeled and chopped (royal gala are in season) 
2 large tomatoes peeled and chopped 
1 tablespoon of good quality curry powder (Herbies Curry mix) 
1 kg gravy beef or chuck steak cut in small dice 
2 tablespoons good quality mango chutney 
2 tablespoons good quality plum jam 
2 tablespoons sultanas 
2 bananas 
4 tablespoons shredded coconut 
2 tablespoons lemon juice 
Salt and pepper to season 
Vegetable oil (some people like to add a tablespoon of sugar for a sweeter version)


Place oil in heavy based saucepan and add onions sautéing until clear, add chopped apple and tomato along with curry powder and cook on low heat until soft.

Add meat to saucepan with chutney, jam, sultanas, sliced banana, salt and pepper and coconut.

Simmer very gently for an hour and a half or so until meat is very tender, add lemon juice and simmer an extra half an hour. Stir occasionally to prevent sticking. If the mixture starts to dry too much add a touch of water.

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