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Wingham Chronicle 29 February 2012

Wingham Chronicle 29 February 2012

Raising Funds for the Homeless

Through small donations on the end of diners' bills, Bent on Food has joined restaurants around the nation to raise funds for the homeless through a partnership with StreetSmart, in the DineSmart program.

In the six weeks leading up to Christmas, the Bent On Food team rallied to raise $702 for the program which tackles homelessness at the grassroots. The organisation achieves this by being a unique bridge between the community and small, 'hard to reach' agencies and projects that assist people experiencing homelessness or at risk.

Bent On Food owner, Donna Carrier said it was a great program and the team embraced it and enjoyed the challenge. The team now has plans to double the amount next year.

StreetSmart began in 2003 and to date the program has raised $1.67 million, supporting 400 grassroots projects. One hundred per cent of money raised is distributed in the form of grants and the good news is that the StreetSmart crew endeavour to put funding back into regions where money has been raised.

CEO of StreetSmart Adam Robinson told Donna: "We all really appreciate the effort our supporters put into the DineSmart event each year and the generosity of your diners. Please thank your front of house team. The campaign will certainly impact on many people's lives. We also really appreciate restaurants and cafés who have stood by us this year, in particular our long term supporters.

Donna is now embarking on her next fundraising challenge, taking on Febfast, staying away from alcohol for the entire month of February.

Money from FebFast goes to community services throughout Australia who provide support, mentoring, counselling and training.

Donna calls for people to support her dry efforts by donating to FebFast. To donate call into the café or donate online at