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Bent Online - Apple Peeler/Corer

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Apple Peeler/Corer


This strange little machine looks like something you might find down in your Dad’s shed amongst the woodworking gear. But it’s not - it's actually much cooler than that. Simply skewer an apple on the pointy spikes, and it provides a whole new way of peeling apples. Twist the handle at the end and your apple spins round and round and round – and the little blade peels your apple for you in one big, long strip!

The Apple Peeler also cores and slices apples. And you can use it to peel potatoes as well.


  • Made from heavy-duty metal.
  • Peels, slices and cores apples – the fun way!
  • It also peels and slices potatoes.
  • All you need to do is twist the handle. The Apple Peeler does the rest of the work for you.
  • Vacuum base secures the Apple Peeler firmly to any flat, smooth surface. When you’ve finished, just move the lever to release the vacuum.
  • Hand washing of parts recommended.

    Height: 14cm.
    Width: 26cm.



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