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Wingham Chronicle 14 July 2010

Wingham Chronicle 14 July 2010

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Donna Carrier goes dry for July!

SHE has gone two weeks without alcohol, but Wingham businesswoman Donna Carrier has a while to go yet before she can raise her glass in celebration.

The Bent on Food and Bent on Life owner is halfway through the ‘Dry July’ initiative - a sponsored month-long abstinence from alcohol to raise funds for adults living with cancer.

“Apart from raising money, I want to see if I can actually do it,” Donna said.

“I don’t drink large amounts, but I do have a glass of wine every night with dinner.

“It is just a part of my day.”

Donna was travelling strong as she passed the two-week mark. She has, however, noticed a couple of side effects.

“I’ve basically substituted chocolate for wine, so let’s just say I’m not losing any weight,” she laughed. “I’ve also seemed to accumulate heaps of crazy energy, and I just can’t shut up. It must be great for my staff.”

Donna’s Bent on Food staff are giving up their tips for the Dry July cause. Her partner, accountant Grahame Nash, has also committed to going dry in July too.

Donna said her resolve will be tested during several music and social events at Bent on Food over the month of July.

“I guess I’m just going to have to watch everyone else drink,” she laughed.

2008 was Dry July’s inaugural year with over 1000 participants and raised a combined total of $257,283 for the Prince of Wales Hospital Foundation and Dreams2Live4 Committee based in Sydney, New South Wales.

In 2009 Dry July went national, attracting over 4000 participants Australia wide. Collectively, participants helped raise over $1.27 million for adult cancer patients at six beneficiary hospitals.

The prospect of 31 days without alcohol seems pretty ironic for someone whose roots lie very much in the wine industry.

Donna’s degree in wine marketing at the University of Adelaide encompassed many facets of the wine industry and the intricacies of wine itself, such as production and tasting.

She has since worked for Yalumba Wines, Brown Brothers and Cassegrains.

“It was actually through my old wine industry friends that I heard about Dry July,” Donna said. “They introduced me to the concept and challenged me to have a go.”

The beneficiaries of Donna’s fundraising are the oncology unit patients at the Calvary Mater in Newcastle. It is a cause close to Donna’s heart, due to the fact her mother spent time at the unit seven years ago. She is now in remission.